Note from Michael, Nozbe CEO: As you may already know from our social media channels, today is the first day of our #NozbeReunion. It’s the moment when all of our Nozbe team, who usually work from their homes, meet in one hotel, for one week, and enjoys the moment of being together. We’re going to work, brainstorm ideas, socialize and have a lot of fun!

Our entire Nozbe Team is here. Also our “Customer Happiness Officers”. They will be monitoring your email messages - as they usually do - to help you with all issues. But, as you can imagine, they might need more time to respond to emails or social media messages. Please understand that this week is special - we’ll be slower to respond, to be able to focus on making Nozbe better - for all of you!

I hope you will follow our updates. You may expect a Periscope stream (like I did last time) and our behind-the-stage photos on Instagram. Stay tuned for more!

Yours productively,

Michael Sliwinski

Productivity Digest - something to inspire you:

Here are a few resources that hopefully will help you take your new “first steps” in personal development and productivity:

8 steps to non-toxic meetings

Better meetings with 8 steps

Some basic advice by Laura Stack for anyone who wants to improve their business meetings - now packed in a nifty template.

Managing projects with Nozbe 3

Interview with Erik Fisher

Erik Fisher is the host of “Beyond the To-Do list” podcast - which we are a proud sponsor. Michael asked him about his podcast’s beginnings, best productivity practices and favorite tools.

Travelling with templates

Travelling with templates

Our pick for travellers: A top must see places in Warsaw, Moscow, London and Morocco. What is your direction?

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The Podcast 37: Batch that frog

The Podcast

The Podcast is a regular audio series done by Michael, our CEO, and Radek, our VP of Apple. We talk about technologies, productivity, Nozbe and things that make life valuable.

Most communication in companies should happen asynchronously. How can anyone get anything done when everyone is constantly distracted? That and more pro tips ;) Blog: I don’t have an office. Why should I anyway? is Michael’s Medium blog where he shares our definition of an efficient company working remotely.

We mainly need the office for ourselves. To have a sense that our new company is “serious”. But in reality, it’s not the office that gets the work done, it’s you! template: A Perfect Plan for Holidays templates is the coolest way ever to share actionable or easy-to-list knowledge with the whole world (or only with folks who you’ll send a link). Every Nozbe user can create templates and make them public. On our Digest you’ll find the finest of them.

Will Yong, Nozbe user from Singapure, shared his universal plan for fulfilling holiday. Why not using this while planning your trip to Warsaw, Moscow, London or Morocco? :)

Thanks and have a great week!

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