Weekend Wednesday and new Nozbe Teams features - The No Office Podcast, ep. 8

In today’s espisode Rafal and Michael talk about recent updates to our apps, Black Friday offer and planning your workweek to be more productive.

The Pyramid of Communication - The No Office Podcast, ep. 7

In today’s espisode Rafal and Michael discuss how we optimize communication processes in our company.

How to design a home office - Team Productivity Show Ep. 9

If you work from home you need to prepare your home office well. Your working space impacts your productivity and focus.

In this episode, Michael walks us through his home office and described all the furniture and equipment he’s got. You might find his advice useful when designing your own home office space.

How to Start Using Nozbe Teams - a Video Walkthrough

Here is Michael, the Nozbe Founder and CEO, presenting the key Nozbe Teams features, the app’s interface and the best ways to use our team-work-boosintg software.

Virtual Reunion - The No Office Podcast, ep. 6

In the 6th episode of the No Office podcast, Michael and Rafal share their opinions and conclusions after first ever Virtual, covid-safe Nozbe Reunion, meaning: our team-bonding meeting.

How we deal with emails - The No Office Podcast, ep. 5

In the 5th episode of the NO Office podcast, Michael and Rafal share their tips and tricks on how to manage emails and what’s the best solution for internal team communication.

A practical guide to remote work - Team Productivity Show Ep. 8

Everyday-life examples, practical tips to improve team communication and company meetings - check out the key take-aways from Michael’s No Office book.

Michael is writing his new book on working remotely and making team communication work. It’s an open source book that will evolve forever and that is available for free at nooffice.org.

Online course recording - strategy to improve teamwork

Here is the recording of our last online course on how to improve team communication

The No Office Podcast ep. 3 - Dogfooding

What is dogfooding and how we optimize it in our team

Firstly, don’t worry - we’re not changing our eating habits at Nozbe. It’s just that we are always the first to try out our own product.

In the 3rd episode Rafal and Michael go through the outline of Rafal’s presentation on dogfooding that he gave at the Product Camp conference this month.

The No Office Podcast ep. 2 - the Power of Small Teams

What are the benefits of runing a small team and using the services/products delivered by small teams.

In the 2nd episode of the No Office podcast Michael and Rafal tell how we build our company to keep it small and what benefits it gives us. They also discuss the quality of products and services made by small teams and how we can help them in the world where big tech companies have too much influence on our lives.