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3 inspiring & practical project templates to help you save time and effort


When you are faced with dozens of things to do in a day, optimizing and streamlining become essential. Following routines and creating processes that can be easily implemented and reused is key. That’s why Nozbe comes with a super-handy feature: project templates… that can be published and shared with others whenever you want. Nozbe.how templates let you show your friends and followers the way you plan, get organized and get things done.

See what project templates Nozbe community members have created lately.

Share your best productivity tips and tricks as Nozbe.how templates

Nozbe Did you know that with Nozbe you can save a project as a template for later? Like a packing list, recipe or a longer checklist. Once you’ve saved a template, you can go to “Templates” in your Nozbe account and create a new project from it. But there’s more! Now you can share your templates - with just one person or with the whole world! Just go to the settings of your template and choose to “Share your template” and you’ll be given a unique Nozbe.