The top resources on goals and New Year’s resolutions

Here is the list of our best articles on goals and New Year’s resolutions: how to plan them, how to stick to them and of course: achieve them!

New step-by-step guides: speed reading and dealing with stage fright - Nozbe.how templates

If you wish to find out what to do in order to read faster and memorize everythig you read - we have a fantastic source of basic info for you. If your reading speed doesn’t worry you as much as stage frigth and anxiety you have to deal with before presentations, public speaking etc., we recommend this Nozbe.how template.

Start doing good project retrospectives and do something for Mother Earth

We know you’re doing everything to get your projects done quickly and really well. But do you and your team always look back after the project is closed to summarize the process and list the lessons learned? Just in case, we have a great cheat sheet :) The second template that we’ve prepared for you is ecology-related. We want to present you the Zero waste lifestyle and encourage you to live better!

Learn to negotiate and see how to buy a laptop you actually need - new Nozbe.how project templates.

Have you ever tried to negotiate an important thing for yourself? A pay-rise? A discount when buying a car? A better offer? There are dozens of situations in which negotiating skills can come pretty useful. Use our new Nozbe.how template and learn the most important rules that will help you succeed. The second template that we have prepared for you is a super practical guide for people planning to buy a laptop.

How to create a killer presentation and record a podcast - new Nozbe.how project templates.

Presenting is tough but for many people it is also critical to their success at work. While we can’t all give mesmerizing speeches, there are lots of small things we can do to improve presentation skills. We got you some great tips and tricks in our latest Nozbe.how template. If you are thinking of having your own podcast - there is a practical guide for this too!

How to be safe on Facebook? A free security & privacy checklist

All Facebook users should be concerned about their security and privacy – not only because of the scandal with Cambridge Analytica that has been revealed a couple of weeks ago. A data leak is just one of the threats that can affect you. It’s time to check your protection, set privacy boundaries… or leave Facebook altogether. All with this nifty, all-in-one checklist.

Ask Michael S04E08: Where to find Nozbe.how templates

One of the best things about Nozbe.how public templates is that they’re accessible for both their creators and their audiences. How can you find them? And in what languages are they available? That’s what this episode is about!

The best ideas for Valentine’s day - new Nozbe.how template

This month we thought of you and your beloved one ♥ If you still have no idea what to do on Valentine’s day and how to organize the best date - you can’t afford to miss this month’s Nozbe.how template.

How to set goals and plan your work smartly - new Nozbe.how templates

When you plan, you plan to succeed, don’t you? And this is the first step towards it :) When you plan wisely and carefully, you design your way to success, anticipate possible problems and adapt the “trail difficulty” to your abilities. It’s worth planning. And the January Nozbe.how templates will help you with this: New Year, new me and Productivity planner

Create your personal productivity planner

A good productivity planner can easily help you boost your efficiency and achieve your goals. It gives you the opportunity to come in, push everything aside, and focus on what you need to get done for the day. With a smart system, you will begin every morning with a clear action plan and ample motivation.