We rely deeply on cloud solutions. Dropbox is one of them: it’s where we store our team files. Watch the new episode to learn how it looks under the hood!

First let’s sum up previous episodes of the current “Ask Michael” season.

Our company works entirely remotely, using cloud-based tools like Github and Confluence to share resources and communicate, according to our own Communication Pyramid. From one of our previous blog posts you may know that we are moving our documentation from Confluence to Dropbox Paper.

But we use Dropbox for more than just shared documents. We work on files, and we need a space to store the big amount of data we produce on a daily basis. And that’s where Dropbox comes in.

How do we organize our work with Dropbox? How do we manage authorizations and access to files? Watch the episode!

➡ What is your cloud file storage of choice? Why? Leave a comment below!

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