Ask Michael S04E23: How to stay in good shape

In the last episode of this season, Michael offers advice on how to maintain a healthy life despite being busy with work and responsibilities. It’s totally worth it to follow!

Ask Michael S04E22: Nozbe for individuals

You are not alone – it’s our motto. You may get your work done with other people. It’s fine, however, to keep all your projects private and manage them individually. Nozbe gives you all the tools you need to work independently!

Ask Michael S04E21: David Allen

Michael made his dream come true and met David Allen in person in 2007. Listen to his story, and learn what it can mean for you!

Ask Michael S04E20: Schedule rhythm

Is Pomodoro effective? What are the alternatives? That’s all in today’s episode of “Ask Michael”!

Ask Michael S04E19: Keyboard shortcuts

You could operate on your desktop using only a mouse or a touchpad. But why would you do that when you have a keyboard with its shortcuts? Learn how to manage your tasks with powerful key combinations! ⌨️

Ask Michael S04E18: Beginning with GTD

How long does it take to switch to GTD? And where do you start?

Ask Michael S04E17: Batching

Batching in productivity means grouping similar tasks and getting them done at a certain time, one after another. Why is that better than doing them separately? Michael has the answer!

Ask Michael S04E16: No creepy tasks

Today, a humble feature request from a Nozbe user is the pretext for Michael to show how we think of the privacy of your tasks. And he’s quite serious about that!

Ask Michael S04E15: Repeating tasks

What is the biggest advantage of a digital productivity system, in comparison to a paper-based one? Automation, of course! With features like recurring tasks, you can operate on autopilot. Let’s check out how it works!

Ask Michael S04E14: “10 steps…” book purpose

There are so many terrific productivity books on the market. Is there space for another one? Yes, we’re quite sure about that! Learn why Michael is going to publish his book “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity.”