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There are so many things you can do with mind maps! If traditional notes with bullet points are not enough for you to brainstorm efficiently, mind mapping may become your life saver.

Lists and bullet points are sufficient in displaying a collection or a group of entries. Tables are excellent for presenting data. But neither of them show the big picture of complex ideas. And that’s where mind maps come in to the equation.

Mind maps are an effecive way to visualize relationships between multiple aspects or entries of an idea. In fact, for many people, they provide a more natural way to organize thoughts than simple notes do, as they depict how we think – in a multidirectional manner.

As it is such an instinctual process, you don’t actually need to learn how to perform mind mapping, and you don’t need any special equipment. Simply use a sheet of paper or one of the dozens of apps available for your mobile and desktop devices. That’s it!

If you are looking to get inspired, we’ve got two excellent resources for you: the template about mind mapping and the “Ask Michael” episode below. :)

Michael uses mind maps to share his ideas with our team or to help himself with challenging tasks.

Watch the episode to learn for what purposes you can use mind maps:

Do you create mind maps? Leave a comment below!

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