Ask Michael s04e19

You could operate on your desktop using only a mouse or a touchpad. But why would you do that when you have a keyboard with its shortcuts? Learn how to manage your tasks with powerful key combinations! ⌨️

Too often we seek for huge, magic time-saving tools or methods, but we forget that small improvements in the long run can give us much better (and certain) results.

Look at keyboard shortcuts: they are a tiny thing, and if you’re not an evident keyboard addict, you could stick with using a pointer for most operations. But a small investment of time to learn shortcuts will bring a huge return!

Today, Michael is encouraging you to learn Nozbe shortcuts. You’ll see how much it can change your work flow 🙂

When you master it, feel free to try more advanced tools, like Keyboard Maestro, TextExpander or AutoHotKey. You’ll notice a difference!

Now, watch the episode:

Do you use keyboard shortcuts on a daily basis? Let us know in a comment!

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