How do you become more productive and better organized? You will find some answers in this blog for sure. Now I want to focus on something else: how to take the first step and get started. For most of you the answer might be simple and right in front of you, on your desk. And it tastes like nothing else – coffee! If you are the kind of person who can’t imagine work without a cup of coffee, this post is for you. Caffeine can work even better than you think and it may increase your efficiency. Let me show you how.

Sleepy problem

Do you sometimes feel sleepier after having your coffee than before drinking it? Chances are you also find it hard to focus. You drink your coffee and yet you don’t feel energized. So you drink another one and still nothing. Then the nervousness appears instead of the energy… The mystery behind this problem is all about timing. “So coffee should be drunk at a specific time of the day?” you may ask. It should, if you want caffeine to work in your favor.

Your daily rhythm

Your body has a daily rhythm that depends on hormone activity. Mostly: cortisol. To make a long story short - cortisol is best known for its involvement in the temporary increase in energy production. It is also released in stressful situations. The concentration of cortisol in the body varies according to the time of day. If you wake up at 7:00 am, the first release of cortisol happens at the same moment and it stays at this level till 9:30 am. More activity takes place around 12:00 pm- 1:30 pm and 5:30-7:00 pm. You should remember that these periods of time are approximate and it is better to treat it individually. So if you wake up even earlier than 7:00 am, the cortisol peaks in your body will start earlier as well.

When to drink coffee

What is the best time to drink coffee then? If you need some extra energy, drink your coffee when your cortisol level is low. That’s the whole mystery! When the amount of cortisol in your body is high you don’t need more stimulation. If you have your coffee when cortisol levels are up, caffeine will not work for you. Drinking coffee at that time makes you even more resistant to caffeine. And you don’t want that. So if you wake up at 7:00 am drink your first coffee at 9:30 am - you will notice that you are more energized than after having coffee with your breakfast soon after waking up. You may have your second cup of coffee after 1:30 pm. That cycle will help you have a stable energy level throughout the day. And remember! Caffeine in your coffee starts to work 20 minutes after you drink it and is active for about 2-3 hours. So it is worth it to wait a bit before you reach for another mug.


Now you know when coffee energizes you the most. I hope my advice will help you increase your daily performance. Please note that second important thing is what kind of coffee to drink. It is clear that it should contain a lot of caffeine. However, caffeine content depends on many factors: type of coffee beans, methods of roasting or methods of brewing coffee. But this is a topic for another entry :-).

Author: Daniel Pietrak: The heart of Bean&Buddies, beating heavily and rhythmically with morning coffee. He takes care of the Bean&Buddies blog everyday. Apart from work, he celebrates the difficult art of mastering free time.