Welcome back to the “Ask Michael” Show! This time, Michael discusses what it’s like to run a fully remote company.

After an active summer, we’re bringing back your favorite productivity series on YouTube :)

For the Nozbe Team, it seems obvious that a company can operate without any physical office. Apparently, in the digital 21st century, it’s still an oddity.

But it shouldn’t be. Researchers have proven that remote work has a positive impact both on employees and companies.

Working in a #NoOffice model requires a big amount of trust (from one side) and commitment (from the other side). But when your team has both, there’s a win-win situation, where the company can work better and employees have more flexibility and a higher sense of productivity.

Watch now to learn about the benefits of remote work:

Do you work remotely on a daily basis? Does your employer allow you to work from home? Leave a comment below!

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