Waht is task-based communication - Michael's Team Productivity

Here at Nozbe, we believe that task-based communication is what every team needs in order to work better, ditch the chaos, and do more in less time.

Let Michael, the CEO of Nozbe explain you what exactly is task-based communication that we love so much and mention so often. And learn what your team gets by communicating this way!

⬇️ Watch the video now and find some notes below to better understand the idea ⬇️

The key benefits of task-based communication in Nozbe Teams

1. It’s structured

Thanks to task-based communication every team undertaking has a really simple structure: Project (your goal) > Tasks (actionable steps that need to be done) > Comments (for discussion and reference materials).

The structure makes it clear and simple and new people can easily catch up.

2. It’s clear

Thanks to communication based on tasks you get a clear overview of what’s going on in a given project, and who’s responsible for which task. There’s no space for confusion.

3. It’s quick

Once you have a project and a new thing comes up, you just add a task.

When you want to provide feedback or ask about something, you just add a comment to a task and either mention your teammate or assign this task to them.

4. It’s powerful

You can comment not only with plain text but also with checklists, links, .pdf files, images, and other attachments.

5. It’s playful

Team collaboration doesn’t have to be boring. You can mark projects with various colors, add attachments, reactions, and emojis.

6. It’s productive

Communicating through tasks with your team is actionable and makes you more productive. You don’t waste time on looking for stuff because everything is in specific projects. Every task and every comment ads value and moves your work forward.

7. It’s all contextual

Every piece of information you add is related to a particular task. All the ideas and discussions are recorded in comments in specific tasks.

8. It’s all organized

Thanks to a simple structure consisting of projects, tasks and comments your materials and communication history is organized. With project sections and tags your workload is searchable and well ordered.

9. It’s mobile

All your data kept in Nozbe Teams syncs in the cloud - this way you can stay on top of everything even on the go.

10. It’s accessible to everyone

In Nozbe Teams, everyone has access to all the projects by default - this way each team member can contribute and see what’s going on. Of course, with Nozbe Premium plan you can manage project access, but we believe transparency and accessibility are key to efficient team collaboration.

11. It’s discreet

If properly set-up, task-based communication won’t be annoying and loud (comparing to chat- or email-based communication). Make sure to receive notification only when it’s necessary - e.g. when someone mentions you in a comment or assigns you a task.

12. It’s calm and asynchronous

Task-based communication can lower your stress level and help you find the time for focused work. When you assign someone a task, you can be sure they will see it in their Incoming view and start working on the assignment when they can. In the meantime, you can take care of the next task on your list. If people are responsible, nothing will slip through the cracks here.