How to achieve your personal and business goals with Nozbe - Video tutorials

Forget New Year’s Resolutions in 2019 and instead focus on accomplishing your goals.

Well-defined goals help you create a vision to work towards so you can get better results. Otherwise, you’ll be working hard to fulfill others’ objectives, not your own.

What gets measured and planned gets done… so set your targets, track your progress and easily achieve what you’ve planned this year.

With Nozbe, setting goals and working towards achieving them is easy and fun. Just see for yourself:

Business goals - invite teammates to your projects!

  • Record your goals as projects in Nozbe
  • Create your action plan by adding simple tasks that will get you closer to your goal
  • Add deadlines, share comments and review progress regularly
  • Important: Share some of your projects with teammates or friends so they can help you with difficult tasks

It’s just that simple with Nozbe: