The top goal-planing resources

Here is the list of our best articles on goals and New Year’s resolutions: how to plan them, how to stick to them and of course: achieve them!

New year, new me - template

If you are tired of feeling disappointed because of not keeping the new year’s resolutions, switch to goal setting! And do it right. Plan smartly and specifically and always take into account your current capabilities. Separate your professional and personal goals. Use our template to set your goals for this year.

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Create your personal productivity planner

When your priority list gets dangerously long and you start to get stressed, try to find a way to better plan your daily commitments. Our simple productivity planner may prove super-handy here! It will help you consciously design your day and stop only putting fires and working in a “react mode”.

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Why do New Year’s resolutions fail?

Some of us make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, work out more often, etc. But the fact is that only 12 out of 100 people really stick to their resolutions. Why is that? Which New Year’s resolutions will you keep?

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Yearly objectives in Nozbe

Check out, how one of the Nozbe users sets and manages his goals in Nozbe.

Yearly goals in Nozbe

New Year’s goals - where to start

Unable to uphold a resolution or goal? This is a familiar situation for all of us. We are victims of “over-programming tasks” but we are not “active programmers,” meaning that we are not dedicated to actually DOING. While we may be good at planning, we’re not so good at following through.

So how can you succeed? Read some common questions with simple answers to help you get started.

Where to start?

Annual review - everything you need to know on The Podcast show

How to take a look back at the passing year to make the upcoming one remarkable - listen to these episodes of The Podcast and become an Annual Review Ninja.

The Podcast - listen now

How productivity gurus set their goals

Last year we prepared a set of practical tips from Nozbe Ambassadors - read them again and see what you can improve when setting your goals.

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