Revolutionary Feature in Nozbe: Messages - NoOffice Nozbe Productivity Podcast

You’ve got to listined to this episode if you want to know how Michael came up and tested with Messages in Nozbe and how is this new feature in Nozbe.

Michael Sliwinski, the CEO of Nozbe, comes back after a break and talks about why we introduced Messages in Nozbe and how to use them to stay productive and not get stuck chatting.

⭐️ Key things you will learn from this episode:

  • How Messages work in Nozbe
  • When this feature is useful
  • How to use Messages effectively
  • How to create tasks from Messages
  • How Michael tested messages
  • Who can use Messages…
  • and more

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🔥 Highlights:

  • Private messages in Nozbe can be productive and support asynchronous communication.
  • In the 18th Century, Russia’s Catherine the Great stated that she likes to “praise and reward loudly, and to blame quietly“. And Vince Lombardi, the famous American football coach, stated that his recipe for team success relied on a “praise in public, criticize in private” paradigm. Messages in Nozbe are great to follow these rules.

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