On February 1st, 2007 Michael Sliwinski launched the first version of Nozbe. 9 years ago he did this on his own. Today Nozbe team counts 24 members who work for more than 300,000 users!

And just because Nozbe couldn’t exist without you - the Users, who get their things done every day - we’ve prepared some extra gifts - totally for free!

In next 9 days, you will be able to get:

  • A new ebook: “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course”,
  • The same exceptional piece of productivity content in audio version,
  • The Best Of The Productive! Magazine - the most practical articles with templates to implement them in your life instantly,
  • 3 months of Nozbe Pro for free with a promo code,
  • and the last but not least: Nozbe 3.0 launch!

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