Some time ago, we announced what’s going to happen this week. The launch of Nozbe 3.0 will be the final part of celebrating 9 years of the best productivity app on the market!

By the time 3.0 is released, we want you to participate :)

Working in an office, coffee house, park or at home - it doesn’t matter because “work is not a place to go, it’s a thing that you do." Join the productive community of Nozbe users! It’s easy:

  • Take a photo of how you work with Nozbe or of a place where you work
  • Share it on social media with #NozbeOffice hashtag
  • Follow others on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to get inspired!

To encourage you, we’ve used our own cameras to show how we work:

#NozbeOffice by Nozbe team