Sharing projects and teams is one of the most confusing matters to our users.


For safety please allow me to start with definitions. For some users this is not a secret as it can be read about on Nozbe Help Page. The matter, in fact, is so simple that it seems confusing to many and is related to Nozbe’s history.

Inviting someone to your Nozbe team DOES NOT mean inviting them to your projects. Statement seems logical enough, right? Well, it is like inviting a friend to a party. You invite him over, yet that does not mean automatically he will or should get involved in all conversations and activities going on at it.

So what’s the deal?

Once you invite someone to join your team… what happens?

  1. You see them on your “team members list”

  2. You pay for their access to the service BUT 3. you neither give them access to all your projects, nor you get access to all of their projects.

Once you share a project… what happens?

You grant them access to all data within that project but nothing else.

What happens if I remove a team-member?

We do get often this inquiry. Well, if you, as the owner of team, remove someone from it… their account gets frozen. They can log in and view content but are not able to do anything else. BUT all of his/her data stays on the account. All the projects are there.

The person retains access to any project that has been shared with him/her, until removed from that project.

What if I wish to remove them also from all those projects shared with them?

That is also possible, provided you are owner of those projects. BUT you can’t remove them from his/her own projects even if you were invited to them and if they were related to your common work.

You can either remove them from each project separately or at the moment of deleting them from the team, you can mass-remove them using options in the info-bar of the given member.

Common problems

Example 1:

Mr. A was in a team B. He owned some projects and some projects were shared with him by his friends. He got fired. Owner of team B removed him from the team and does not wish for Mr. A to see any of the work projects.

He can of course remove him from the projects shared by him, and ask other members of the team to do the same. However, the question of the projects owned by Mr. A that were work related remains.

Sadly, even from legal perspective, Mr. A is their owner. This means that either his team has to ask him to request Nozbe support to transfer the ownership of those projects to someone else on that team.


they need to decide on one person who will make templates from those projects, recreate them in his/her own account.

Once the projects are recreated within the team, they should leave the original projects and get invited by the person who has recreated them.

Example 2:

Mr. A is not only on team B but he is also its owner. He gets fired. Now we are in trouble. Regardless where the financing originates from only he can request transfer of team ownership to someone else.

He is also the owner of his projects, and they can be transferred to someone else only per his request.


The whole matter is easy yet complex. Why projects are not automatically shared while joining the team? or automatically de-shared when leaving? Well, that is because Nozbe sees each project, until shared, as private.

Also, because you might not want to share all your projects with everyone in your group. You may also wish to have your home/private things in Nozbe. We do like users to organize all their lives in Nozbe… it saves time.

It is also because, though your paths may have separated in team aspect, you may still wish to finish some matters or will continue working on some projects.

- Delfina (VP Affiliate)