Recurring tasks seem to be a constant source of confusion to many. Let me walk you through this option in Nozbe and provide a couple of extra hints.


Recurring task in Nozbe is an action that you do repeatedly at regular intervals. Full description thereof can be found at our Help Page.

How to create one?

Create a task either using the “+” icon or the “a” short-cut. You can then set the recurrence by using the hash parameter. Just type #every week, #every weekday etc. in the task name. You might also change the repeat option in the task details (note: only the cycles provided in details will be acceptable by the input).

recurrence in task details


And here the first questions appears: What happens if I do not set the date for the task but do put on the repeat?

Simply, the system will assume you meant today to be the 1st day of the cycle.

Another question: Why don’t I see instantly all the recurrences?

That is because to avoid extensive clutter Nozbe keeps only one active copy of your task and until you complete it, new instance won’t show.

Nozbe Calendar

Ohh, you may say, but in the calendar I do see future instances as gray tasks.

True. The gray copies are our so-called “ghost tasks.” They are there to help you plan, but they are not actual, physical items on which you can work. None of them become manageable until you have completed the current copy and it has been archived.

REcurring task in calendar view

Recurring tasks and Google Calendar

That’s by far the most confusing matter. Logic behind how Nozbe and Google treat repeating tasks is different. Per definition, since only the current copy is active, that is the only one you will actually see in your Google.

Also, if you create a repeating task at the end of your Google, it won’t show in Nozbe as re-occurring. All because of the discrepancy in interpretation of re-occurring tasks between the two systems.


As last but not least question of overdue repeating tasks arises. If you have a repeating task that you have not done, it will hang about with date in red as any other task. It won’t be replaced by new instance and no new instances will be generated.

Why? simply, because you ought to first finish the overdue instance. Once you do, it will get archived as any other completed task and only once that is done a copy for next due date will appear. By this I mean the next coming (not past) due date.

Again why? Imagine having 10 repeating daily tasks. Imagine not having access to the system for 10 days, e.g. while traveling, and as result not getting the tasks done… by the end of that period you would have 11 copies of each = 110 tasks to check off.

I think it is called CLUTTER. And it is not very encouraging, or is it?


Although, use of the repeating tasks it unavoidable and necessary it is essential to understand how they work in Nozbe. It saves much confusion and frustration if these basic facts are stated and clear to the user.

I, certainly, hope that this little post on this matter will aid you all.

- Delfina (VP Support)