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86: Perfect week

Michael Sliwinski shares a pro tip he learned from Michael Hyatt: how to design a template for your ideal week. A good routine is helpful for productivity!

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85: Magic Spreadsheet

Rapid improvement (at anything!) requires a tight feedback loop. And for a feedback loop, you need… well, feedback — data. Radek had been tracking lots of such data (weight, habits, hours spent on different projects) in a big spreadsheet for almost 7 years. Michael just started recently.

This week, we’re discussing how we’re doing it, and why.

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84: From reading to doing

How do you turn reading into action? It’s good to read lots of books, but if you’re neglecting to actually apply the things you’ve learned to your life, then it’s barely more than a form of intellectual entertainment.

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83: 10 years of Nozbe special

This one is special. The hosts discuss the last decade of productivity - how it all started, how they met and how Nozbe evolved over the years and why Michael and Radek still feel they’re still just getting started! Care to join them on this great trip down memory lane?

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Wearing more than one hat makes planning work across the week (and from week to week) hard. Here’s how Michael and Radek try to do it, and keep often conflicting priorities balanced and in check.

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