The Podcast is a weekly conversation between Michael, (our CEO) and Radek, (Nozbe VP Apple.) They talk about books, business, productivity, technology, and more. Some of their insights and tips could be mind-shifting for you. See what they discussed in June:

102: iPad Only

Michael tries to sell Radek on the idea of using an iPad as your main (or only) computer. Radek remains skeptical, but buys the new iPad Pro anyway.

Curious about the iPad only life? Listen to this episode!

101: WWDC 2017

Radek and Michael comment on Apple’s announcements on Worldwide Developers Conference this year. (This is their take on what’s significant, and what’s missing — they assume you already know the news.)

Listen to the episode no.101 :-)

100: Two years

That week, our hosts were celebrating their one hundredth episode of The Podcast. Sharing the story of how this show came to be, how it evolved over time, and where its future lies.

Listen to the episode no.100:

Hey! If you want, you can also watch this episode as it was recorded! :-) Michael and Radek met at WWDC in San Jose, California at that time and prepared a cool video for you. Enjoy:

99: Bring magic back

Our thoughts and wishes for Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) before going to San Jose for WWDC in June 2017.

Listen to the episode no.99:

Michael has 5 iPads (seriously!) and treats them as work devices. Radek thinks that’s crazy. Will iPad Pro change how people work?

Listen to the episode no.14:

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The Podcast is a weekly podcast chat with Radek (VP Apple Technologies at Nozbe) and Michael (our CEO) about productivity, business, books and whatever else comes to mind…

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