Productive people know that time is the most precious resource they have. And that good organization skills and effective scheduling are the keys to success.

Scheduling and time management in Nozbe

In Nozbe you can specify deadlines for your tasks as well as set the “Time needed” parameter in order to estimate how much work you will do that day/week, etc. In the “Calendar” view you can easily plan and re-schedule tasks to optimize your agenda and adjust it to your personal rhythm and the events with specific dates like conferences, meetings or medical appointments.

Another instrument in your hands!

We are pleased to announce that Timepot - a time tracking app - now offers a super-handy integration with Nozbe. This way Nozbe users, especially teams, can monitor the time they spend on particular projects.

The data that comes from Timepot lets you get your projects done even more effectively without losing any precious hours.

Timepot + Nozbe = Optimization

If your team wants to gain time and try out the Timepot-Nozbe combo, here’s the most important information about the integration.

There are two user roles in Timepot: the admin and the regular user.

The admin can access everything in Timepot: he or she sees all the projects, reports, finance and time logs of each of the employees.

The regular user can’t access the projects panel and can only see their own tasks in the reports. When choosing a task for which they want to track the working time, they will see a list of all the projects and tasks they have access to in Nozbe.

When activating the Timpot-Nozbe integration, a Nozbe user needs to provide their Nozbe API key (you can learn how to obtain it in the video above.) After you paste the key, Timepot will access all your projects and register them in its system. From that moment on, your team admin in Timepot will be able to see all your projects, even the ones you don’t share with him or her in Nozbe!

You can limit this access of course!

When providing the API key, you can choose the projects you don’t want to register in Timepot (e.g. your private projects.)

When you have the integration activated and you want to add a new project to Nozbe, you will be asked whether you want to see it in Timepot or not. If you choose “No,” none of the tasks in this project will be accessible in the Timepot app.


The Timepot team is offering Nozbe users 2 extra months for free! Just type the coupon code NOZBE when registering for Timepot.

What your team wins

Timepot has a clean and ergonomic dashboard so that you can log your time and plan events in no time. You can easily see how much time a person spends on a given task.

The timeflow dashboard lets you monitor the time spent on particular projects and analyze the team’s workflow.

As a team admin you get access to complex reports that will let you improve your organization’s productivity and increase its profits. You will also be able to learn from historical data in order to optimize your upcoming projects.

Entrepreneurs and Managers who review the reports on a daily or frequent basis can make strategic changes or adjustments in teams, work procedures, planning, execution and implementation areas.

Analyzing logged time on client projects and tasks can help you find reasons for success or failure. The Timepot reports, if analyzed or presented wisely, can be really helpful in making the client understand the dynamics of a project.