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Ask Michael S04E06: Ambassadors


Nozbe Ambassadors share not only their affiliate link, but – most importantly – their experience and know-how in order to make others more productive with Nozbe. They can help you, too!

Ask Michael S04E04: Offline


With Nozbe, you’re not dependent on Wi-Fi. Your tasks are always with you, as long as you have a device with some charge. Does this feature really matter? Oh, yes, it does!

Ask Michael S04E02: A comment checklist


Did you know that checklists are a popular type of comment among Nozbe users? We’re not surprised: it’s a powerful tool to organize mini-actions or small parts of a task, as well as a good way to get started on a new project. Looking for more ideas on how to get organized? Here you go!

Ask Michael S03E11: Nozbe in teams


What does Nozbe offer for collaboration? What can you achieve by inviting someone to your Nozbe team? And what will happen when you do that? All of this in today’s “Ask Michael” episode!

News! Timepot integrates with Nozbe


Productive people know that time is the most precious resource they have. And that good organization skills and effective scheduling are the keys to success.

Ask Michael S02E08: Inviting a guest to a project

Nozbe Does your manager want to be up to date with your project? Or do you want to explicitly work with your client? This episode is for you. Although we believe that trust is better than control, we see many cases when the presence of a supervisor, partner or client might be appreciated. That’s why we created a Project Guest role… and now we’re publishing Michael’s answer for today :) Being part of a project that we are not directly involved with can be helpful for better communication and interim help.

Ask Michael S02E07: Reference materials

Nozbe You have a choice: do you store your reference files and notes in dedicated apps or directly in Nozbe? In Michael’s book “No Office Apps” he described exactly how we – the Nozbe team – store our files and notes. In today’s video, he shares his favorite way to handle reference materials. The good news is, for current work and communication, you don’t need an additional service – you can store and share files with your team within Nozbe.

Ask Michael S02E06: Someday/maybe

Nozbe Don’t throw out any new ideas. When the time is right, some of them may grow up. If you read Michael’s blog or listen to his podcast, you know that he is a huge fan of Greg McKeown’s “Essentialism.” It influences the way he manages the company, makes decisions, and chooses his next actions. It can be summarized in one sentence: do less, but better. At the same time, his mind produces lots of ideas.

Ask Michael S02E03: Keeping the Priority list on hand

Nozbe On your desktop, on your mobile device, on Apple Watch. There are a few ways to always keep your Priorities on top. Although Nozbe isn’t intended to organize tasks (it’s to get them done), some management is necessary to make sure things keep moving. When you’re trying to stay focused, keeping your Priority list available at the click of a button or a a quick shortcut is extremely useful. Michael uses Nozbe’s responsive user interface and additional screens to control his Priority workflow.

How Nozbe ambassador uses “bucket projects” and categories


This is a guest post by Chad Garrett - our ambassador, power-user and a tremendous advocate for the GTD. See which Nozbe features he uses and how he deals with “loose tasks”.

My name is Chad Garrett and I am President of Productivity Grid, LLC and a Nozbe Ambassador. Nozbe is really the perfect productivity tool. I am a huge advocate for David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology and Nozbe fits perfectly into this workflow. So how do I use Nozbe? Let’s start with where I put my tasks.

Bucket Projects

Everything in Nozbe goes into a project (as defined in GTD, anything that takes two or more steps to complete). I currently have around 75 projects. This may seem like a lot, but in reality it isn’t - we are all this busy!