PomoDone and Nozbe can work together!

Great news for all time tracking enthusiasts: PomoDone, one of the leading apps on the market, can now track your time spent on tasks! Read how it works and how to get a free month of PomoDone 🙂

Ask Michael S04E22: Nozbe for individuals

You are not alone – it’s our motto. You may get your work done with other people. It’s fine, however, to keep all your projects private and manage them individually. Nozbe gives you all the tools you need to work independently!

Ask Michael S04E19: Keyboard shortcuts

You could operate on your desktop using only a mouse or a touchpad. But why would you do that when you have a keyboard with its shortcuts? Learn how to manage your tasks with powerful key combinations! ⌨️

How the filter and sort options work - Part 14 of our monthly FAQ series

Welcome back to our FAQ series in which we answer popular questions that our users ask us in their e-mails. This month, we will take a look at the sorting and filtering options.

Ask Michael S04E15: Repeating tasks

What is the biggest advantage of a digital productivity system, in comparison to a paper-based one? Automation, of course! With features like recurring tasks, you can operate on autopilot. Let’s check out how it works!

Not so obvious Nozbe integrations: iCal and Outlook

Do you use iCal and Outlook and want to connect them to your productivity app? For the time being, there is no direct way to link these apps. However, it is still possible to make them work together! Read on to learn how.

Ask Michael S04E11: Nozbe tutorial

After months of hard work, we have just released our new, updated tutorial for Nozbe. Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time user, you may find it very helpful to watch. Today, Michael explains why it’s worth watching!

Ask Michael S04E06: Ambassadors

Nozbe Ambassadors share not only their affiliate link, but – most importantly – their experience and know-how in order to make others more productive with Nozbe. They can help you, too!

Ask Michael S04E04: Offline

With Nozbe, you’re not dependent on Wi-Fi. Your tasks are always with you, as long as you have a device with some charge. Does this feature really matter? Oh, yes, it does!

What do you know about Nozbe templates? - Part 12 of our monthly FAQ series

Welcome back to our FAQ series in which we answer questions that our users ask us in their e-mails. This month, we’re discussing Nozbe templates, which you can find on Nozbe.how. Recently, we have noticed that many of you have had questions regarding the templates. I will try to answer your questions and explain why templates are useful and how you can use other users’ templates. This option can save you and your team members some precious time.