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Your team wants a simple project management tool to know what to do and that’s it. Give it to them and let them work instead of wasting time on management. See what Blaze Goraj, an experienced project consultant, says about Nozbe.

Błaze Goraj

Blaze is a Nozbe expert, coach, and a project management and teamwork consultant. On a daily basis, he helps teams find the best way to communicate and manage tasks.

Check out why he recommends Nozbe for teamwork.

Nozbe - the tool to organize your work

Nozbe is my discovery of recent years. I see a great need among entrepreneurs and team leaders, to organize their work in a transparent and controlled way.

In such cases, Blaze recommends Nozbe as a tool that:

  • is easy to master,
  • can be quickly implemented,
  • lets teams clearly see who is responsible for what, what is overdue and what the team should focus on.

A simple work management tool

While a manager or someone who decides which tool to use in a company may be technologically advanced and willing to have many sophisticate features, employees usually just want something simple! They want to know what they have to do today and have a possibly to arrange their tasks. And that’s it.

In he past months I saw many successful implementations where I just helped to implement Nozbe, spent some time on agreeing how to use it, and we wrote down the key decisions upon that.