The Fastest Way
to DONE in a Team

Overwhelmed with too much to do?

Emails, messages, and meetings stop you from doing the actual work?

We’ve got you covered.

Nozbe Teams helps you focus on calm work, with all communication organized in projects, tasks, and comments.

No more meetings and lengthy email chains. No more wasting time on searching for docs and files.

It’s that easy.

A system that works for your team

Nozbe Teams gives everyone on your team access to all the important information in one easy-to-use app, on all of their devices, even if they’re working from home. It’s quick to set up, so your team can focus on getting stuff done straight away.

Nozbe Teams is free
for everyone, everywhere!

Your team can start getting things done better, today!

It’s free

Nozbe Teams is free for up to 5 team members and 5 active projects. No time limit. No credit card required.
Easily upgrade to Premium when you need it, or join our referral program to get Premium
for free!

It’s for everyone

All your team members will easily get the hang of it. The app is simple to install and intuitive.
It’s easy to create a project, add a task, or post a comment.

It’s everywhere!

Nozbe Teams works like a charm on every device. It’s available as a web app that you can use on any computer, as well as an app for Android smartphones, iPhones, and iPads.
And it even works offline!

Suitable also for
small business owners

Nozbe for teams of one

Many successful businesses have been founded & lead by a single person.
We know about it, and we want to support you in your work.
That’s why Nozbe Teams Premium plan is now available for teams of one.

Manage your tasks and projects in Nozbe and save your precious time and energy. Try our app and smoothly run your one-person business.

Here’s why you should choose Nozbe for your team:

    We make it so easy to share tasks!

    Add tasks, set deadlines, and delegate them effortlessly. Put all the necessary info in comments and attach documents.

    Every team member knows what they’re responsible for and what others are currently busy with.

    Benefits? Fewer meetings, clear assignments, less time spent organizing work, and more time to do the actual work!

    Put an end to chaotic emails and chats!

    Once you start using Nozbe and put everything into projects, tasks, and comments, you will finally get rid of lengthy email chains and chaotic chats.

    Nozbe Teams is as easy to use as email, Slack, WhatsApp, or Messenger… but much more organized and clear!

    Say goodbye to team chaos!

    Fewer and better meetings!

    With actual work done within tasks and comments, you won’t need to run to so many meetings!

    And when you need to host a meeting, it won’t take as much time and will be more effective – because the main discussion is run in Nozbe.

    No more unnecessary and lengthy meetings!

    more time

    So much more time for actual work!

    Without the constant flood of emails, messages, or meetings, everyone on your team will have longer stretches of uninterrupted time to do the actual work! This means a much higher Return On Investment (ROI) on everyone’s time.

    Your teammates will deliver better results – and much quicker!

Everyone on the team
is in control

Is your team very busy? Are there hundreds of projects on your plate?
Nozbe Teams will handle it for you.

Thanks to our unique task-based communication system, everyone on your team can focus on tasks they choose as Priority, easily respond to the Incoming to-dos, and follow the team’s Activity to see what everyone’s up to.


What’s important?

Choose which tasks to focus on

Mark them with a star

See all Priorities in one place

Get them done!


Where am I needed?

Receive tasks from others

Respond to comments

Act on reminders

Never miss a task’s due date

Achieve balance between teamwork
and focused work!


What’s going on?

Follow the activity in projects you care about

Give feedback to your teammates

Stay on top of things!

You are free
to start working better


  • checklist-done Up to 5 people
  • checklist-done Up to 5 projects
  • checklist-done Unlimited tasks and comments
  • checklist-done Apps for Android, iPad and iPhone
Nozbe Teams devices
No credit card needed.
No time limit.


  • checklist-done Unlimited projects
  • checklist-done Unlimited storage
  • checklist-done More Premium features
  • checklist-done Flexible price as your team grows
R 1
R 2
R 3
R 5
R 7
R 10
R 15
R 20
R 30
R 50
R 75
R 100
Yearly cost: (taxes not included)

Made with 💜

by an all-remote team that’s been perfecting this system for many years!

Founded in 2007 by Michael Sliwinski, Nozbe is a small, 20+ all-remote team that’s been obsessed with getting individuals and teams organized. We’ve been working from our homes in Europe, Asia and the USA since the very beginning, and we’re well-known for our unorthodox way of working.

Get Nozbe Teams today for free!

Experience the change to a more organized, calm
and overall just better team.

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