Today we are happy to announce new Nozbe release - Nozbe 2.1.8. It brings productivity boost especially for our Android and Apple Watch users. We created a special video to show it to you, featuring me and our CEO, Michael Sliwinski:

Supercharged Android

We heard you loud and clear - Android users need to have Nozbe widget which looks and works great. For the last couple of weeks we’ve been working very hard on exactly that - Android widget which saves time and thus helps you be more productive. Read more on how we’ve doubled-down on Android

We’ve also improved Android’s speed, especially for those of you stuck on Android 4.3 and lower - we are happy to tell you that we’ve made significant progress on that front as well!

Apple Watch app improved

It’s been just over a month since we’ve released Nozbe for Apple Watch. (Radek has written more about it in a previous blog post.) At the time, Apple Watch hasn’t yet hit the market, so we couldn’t test it directly on the device. Since then, we got a few watches for ourselves. We learned a lot about this device, its strengths and weaknesses. And after using our own app extensively, we saw a huge area for improvement. Today, We are happy to announce that the latest version of Nozbe includes a lot of improvements for the Watch.

If you have an Apple Watch, just update Nozbe on your iPhone to 2.1.8, and the watch app will automatically update as well.

We even created a special web site to highlight how we help you get everything done on your wrist:

And last but not least…

More improvements

We also added some more features like:

  • Backup to txt file - You can now backup your data to txt file. Just go to Settings->Account
  • Mark all comment as read - There is new button for it, it is now more accessible and moreover there are buttons per project. So you can mark all comments as read in a specific project
  • New languages - We translated Nozbe to Korean, Dutch and Russian
  • Group completed projects by month - Now finding completed project is easier.

We also fixed a lot of bugs. For full Release Notes please go to our test blog.

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written by Rafal (VP Product) with help from Stan (VP Android) and Radek (VP Apple Technologies)