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In today’s fast-paced world, effective cooperation is key to success in any project. Whether you’re working with in-house teams or contractors, finding the right tools and methods for collaboration can streamline your processes and boost productivity.

Nozbe, a project management and collaboration tool, offers several ways to work together seamlessly without relying on chaotic emails, endless chat threads, or the ephemeral nature of phone conversations. Here are three ways Nozbe facilitates efficient collaboration:

1. Create a Collaborative Team Space in Nozbe

Building a cohesive team is the first step towards successful project completion. With Nozbe, you can invite people to join your space, enabling a collaborative environment where everyone can contribute effectively.

The free account allows adding 2 extra members and running 3 projects at a time (perfect for small teams), while Nozbe Premium offers unlimited collaboration features for larger groups.

Privacy and Control

Don’t you worry, even within a shared space, Nozbe respects your need for privacy. Projects can be configured for different levels of access: you can still have your private top-secret projects (nobody from your team will even know they exist!) You can obviously create projects to which your whole team will have access (mind that this is a default setting when adding a new project) or projects with limited access - by choosing only ceraint people from your team.

Project Access Icons

Privacy and Control - project access options in Nozbe

  1. Full Circle: Projects accessible to everyone in your space.
  2. Ring: Projects with restricted access to selected team members.
  3. Padlock: Private projects only visible to you.

This setup ensures that while fostering team collaboration, your top-secret projects remain confidential. Learn more about project access settings here.

2. Collaborate with External Parties

Nozbe understands the importance of working with contractors, freelancers, and other external entities.

Single User Collaboration

Share a project with an individual outside your space, like a contractor, external graphic designer, advisor, lawyer or a virtual assistant. This requires them to register with Nozbe, but even a free account suffices.

sharing projects with another Nozbe space

If they already have their Nozbe account, type in the email address of another space’s owner or admin and confirm.

The project will be shared and visible to the other space once they accept the invitation on their end.

You can also send an invitation to a project to someone who doesn’t use Nozbe yet. They will receive an email with an activation link in it. If they follow that link, they will be able to set up a space in Nozbe and access the project.

Space-to-Space Collaboration

Share a project with another company or agency. This is ideal for regular collaborations where both parties benefit from having all communications, files, and agreements in one centralized location.

These options ensure that your external collaborations are as streamlined and effective as your internal ones. Dive deeper into setting up joint projects here.

3. Share Tasks via Email

For collaborators who aren’t Nozbe users, we offer the convenience of task sharing via email. This feature is our revolutionary solution that allows you to send tasks to anyone’s email address, enabling them to receive updates without needing to register for Nozbe. It’s a simple yet powerful way to keep everyone in the loop and ensure that your projects move forward smoothly.

How to share a Nozbe task with anyone in the world

Discover more about sharing tasks via email here.


Nozbe presents a simple yet powerful suite of tools designed for effective collaboration, fostering smooth cooperation and simplifying the process of working with contractors. By moving away from disorganized emails and chats to a structured project management environment, you and your team can enjoy a more organized, productive, and stress-free collaboration experience. Nozbe’s innovative features empower you to keep all your work in one safe space, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Transform your project management approach with Nozbe today and experience the difference that effective collaboration can make.

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