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Nozbe’s Simple Structure: Projects > Tasks > Comments


Check out how a simple project and task management app works even for the most complex projects. Your team wants simple tools, not overwhelming platform they will never get a hang of.

How To Track Team’s Progress In Projects - Status Tasks


As a manager, you want to make sure that your team performs their duties and gets tasks done on time. Whether you run a law firm, agency, or other business, you delegate tasks to employees and expect them to complete them, right? How to track work progress in Nozbe?

Join Nozbe Certified Expert Program & Enjoy All The Benefits


Here is how we connect people who want to teach Nozbe with those who need help introducing the tool to a team. Nozbe Certified Experts Program is an excellent solution for both coaches/consultants and business owners!

How To Email Tasks To Nozbe - The Ultimate Guide


Email is (unfortunately) an integral part of our lives. Although made for correspondence, it soon became a task and project management system for many local business and huge corporations. See how to bring order to your emails and make them actionable.

The Incoming View - Your Personal Nozbe Assistant


See how to get reminded, informed, and updated about your tasks in Nozbe. Check out the magic of the Incoming view and have Nozbe do and remember things for you.

Nozbe For Personal Productivity and Task-Management


Nozbe is a tool designed for every entrepreneur and business owner - no matter whether you work alone or with a team you can use its features and create workflows to boost your productivity. Read on to learn how to use Nozbe for effective self-management.

How Cloning Projects in Nozbe Helps You Save Time


One of the secrets to productivity is process automation. It sounds a bit like corporate lingo, but it’s worth taking a look at. See how cloning projects in Nozbe helps you save time and streamline your workflow.

Activity View - The Best Nozbe Feature For Managers


Check out why I hate asking people for status updates and why the “Activity” view in Nozbe helps me become a better CEO.

Team management, feedback & Nonprofit Productive - Mike St. Pierre


“Being productive is one thing. Being nonprofit productive takes something more.” - says Mike St. Pierre, productivity geek with over 25 years of nonprofit leadership. Together with his team, he aims to equip nonprofit leaders with simple productivity strategies to help them maximize their team efficiency and avoid burnout. Watch and read to learn more.

How 2️⃣ Companies Can Collaborate Efficiently


We want to show you something. (You’ll find the video below ⬇️)

👉 Something that we worked on for a long time

👉 Something that makes Nozbe even more outstanding collaboration platform

👉 Something that is uber-simple & helps teams stay productive.