7 Tips To Introducing A New Project Management Tool In Your Team and Embracing Peoples Resistance to Change.

Is your team struggling with chaotic cooperation and communication, an increasing workload or disorganization that’s affecting productivity and office morale? So, you notice this and decide to implement Nozbe. The goal is to organize your projects and make sure everyone’s on the same page and knows what tasks they are responsible for. Unfortunately, you may face resistance.

It’s quite likely that you’ll face a challenging mission ahead. You need to convince your colleagues to embrace a new software and consequently - change their habits and established patterns. We will try to help you with this!

The Quick Version for Busy Folks

  1. Begin by discussing the challenges you’re facing with your team and seek support from 2-3 like-minded individuals who are open to change and willing to give Nozbe a try.
  2. Register to Nozbe, get the hang of how the app works and create a few projects that you will share with these 2-3 supportive people.
  3. Make use of our educational resources (see below) and consider signing up for a free consultation.
  4. Set up your company account and invite your colleagues.
  5. Create several projects, populate them with tasks, and assign them to the appropriate people, adding due dates.
  6. Schedule a Nozbe workshop for the entire team to showcase key features or watch a video tutorial together.
  7. Determine a date when Nozbe will become your primary collaboration tool and ensure ongoing support for your team as they learn to use it.

Detailed instructions can be found below :)

Do you want to move forward? Change is inevitable

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

(Often attributed to Albert Einstein, but actually from a book by Rita Mae Brown)

Every change effort requires establishing a positive atmosphere, rallying the entire team, and aligning processes with their skills and needs.

Changing the communication method and tool in a company can disrupt the existing balance, so it is not surprising that resistance might pop up.

1. Prepare the ground

The idea of introducing a new collaboration software must fall on fertile ground. Preparing your team for change is a key aspect of success.

  • First of all, start talking to people about the problems you are struggling with. Check if others also see the difficulties you observe.
  • Introduce Nozbe as a simple work and project management app designed to improve team communication.
  • Highlight its success in various small and medium-sized businesses across industries like production, service, science, art, advertising, and IT.
  • Emphasize that it can replace e-mails, Messenger, chat, phone calls, status meetings and other tools you use so that you have everything in one place.
  • Thanks to the simple structure: “projects > tasks > comments”, Nozbe is user-friendly, even for those less tech-savvy.

2. Paint a Picture of the Future

Illustrate to your colleagues the contrast between the current state and the envisioned future. Present a compelling vision that will drive the rest to follow.

Depending on your team’s specific challenges, outline the benefits of adopting this new tool. Nozbe is here to simplify your work!

After all, in order to effectively face the competition, stay on the market track, and make money, you must adapt to changing dynamics. By optimizing information flow and processes within the company, you’ll better meet customer expectations, reduce costs, and drive innovation.

With Nozbe:

  • Communication becomes more effective.
  • Materials are organized - safe and in one place.
  • Tasks are clearly assigned, ensuring everyone knows their responsibilities.
  • Procedures and instructions are documented, ensuring clarity and accountability.

3. Appeal to Emotions - Change is Beneficial for All

Demonstrate to your colleagues how the company’s money is falling through the cracks, what they are losing as employees, and what they stand to lose by not adopting Nozbe. Making these aspects tangible will facilitate buy-in.

Building on the previous points, begin taking actions to make your team aware of the necessity for change. Highlight that the current situation is far from ideal, as everyone likely experiences the negative consequences of:

  • growing chaos,
  • increased stress,
  • lost documents,
  • time wasted searching for information,
  • misunderstandings,
  • and more.

4. Find Support Within Your Team

Assemble a group of change advocates who recognize the advantages of Nozbe. Collaborate with them in a secure space to plan your next steps.

5. It’s Not as Intimidating as It Seems

Try to make the introduction of Nozbe seem simple and achievable. By the way, did you know that you have already part of the journey behind you?

Nozbe actually works very similarly to an email inbox, Slack or even WhatsApp - and all of you know how to use these apps, right?

Consider how to introduce Nozbe in a way that’s not entirely foreign or overwhelming for your employees. Focus on similarities to tools you have already used like the ones I’ve mentioned above. Look:

  • Project lists (similar to folders or groups).
  • Tasks (akin to email threads or chats).
  • Task comments (individual messages, that you can write to your teammates, complete with attachments (all types of files!) and send to each other asking for a response/reaction).

Once you’ve laid the groundwork and created a positive atmosphere, take the initial steps to make the transition smoother for others:

  • Sign up for Nozbe and learn how the app works.
  • Use our educational materials (see point below)
  • Consider joining a free online demo.
  • Set up your company account and invite your supportive colleagues.
  • Add a few projects and collaborate with fellow Nozbe enthusiasts.
  • Invite your entire team to Nozbe via email or invite code.
  • Set up additional projects, populate them with tasks, assign responsibilities, and add deadlines. Your colleagues will find tasks waiting for them when they log in!
  • Guide your team on how to use Nozbe effectively:

6. Offer Continuous Support — We’re Here for You Too!

Schedule sessions to showcase Nozbe’s essential features to your team or watch video tutorials together. Pick a date. Make it mandatory. Be consistent.

It may not be easy at first. We know from experience that some people will use Nozbe more intensively and get hooked, while others will get blocked and not even open the app.

Some people will encounter difficulties, others will not understand how one of the functions works, or they will forget to assign tasks to a colleague.

Someone will reflexively send just one e-mail, to which others will respond, and old habits will return right away…

You can expect different levels of engagement, and that’s perfectly normal. In the early stages, be readily available to provide guidance and serve as the in-house Nozbe expert.

Also remember that we are here to help!*

7. Build Habits & Routines — Don’t Hesitate to Set Expectations

Make sure the work environment is structured to support change. For many teams, formalizing Nozbe as the official collaboration and communication tool, coupled with group training and individual consultations, is the most effective approach. The implementation process works best when the in-house Nozbe expert (you 😇) designs the company’s core project list, lists the crucial tasks, and sets up individual user accounts.

Choose an exact date for the complete transition to Nozbe and ensure everyone is mentally and technically prepared.

Designating a time and place to perform a given activity significantly increases the likelihood of it being completed. This is the so-called implementation intention, which is still the best-researched and most effective method for forming habits.

As a leader or change initiator, lead by example, fully embrace Nozbe, and convince your team of its effectiveness as the primary collaboration tool. Be the driving force and offer your assistance. Over time, you’ll find yourself in this role less frequently, as your teammates become self-sufficient. In case of any issues, they can simply click on the lifebuoy icon in the app’s lower-left corner to seek support from our team, rather than relying solely on you ;)

Best of luck!

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