Work-Life Balance Discussion With Michael Hyatt - The *No Office* Podcast, ep. 20

Michael Hyatt and Michael Sliwinski discuss the first Michael’s 😂 latest book he co-wrote with his daughter Megan Hyatt Miller. See what practical tips the authors of this motivational manifesto on how to achieve work-life balance and restore one’s sanity have for you.

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Key things you will learn from this episode:

  • What does breaking free from the cult of overwork require
  • How the emotional payoff of overwork — fun, flow, significance — can divert you from the rest of your life
  • What is the biggest obstacles to achieving the double win

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One of the Nozbe team "dinosaurs" - #NoOffice practitioner since 2013. Extravert, neurotic & vegetarian feminist with 189 imperfections.