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What is dogfooding and how we optimize it in our team

Firstly, don’t worry - we’re not changing our eating habits at Nozbe. It’s just that we are always the first to try out our own product.

In the 3rd episode Rafal and Michael go through the outline of Rafal’s presentation on dogfooding that he gave at the Product Camp conference this month.

Listen to the No Office podcast on remote work and dogfooding

Key things you will learn from this episode:

  • What are the benefits of dogfooding
  • Why it’s worth to use the half usable product
  • How we survived the frustration-driven development period
  • What we learned is important to communicate to a team
  • What are the risks of dogfooding
  • How you can use dogfooding on presentations and podcasts

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VP Product at Nozbe. Host of the No Office podcast.