Ask Michael s04e13

We have so many tools for collaboration in our team that e-mail is useless. We haven’t used it for collaboration in years. How do we share information with colleagues, then? Watch the new episode of “Ask Michael” to find out!

Nozbe for tasks, Dropbox for files, Slack for tasks, Dropbox Paper for documents… What else would we need? As you can see, there’s no place for e-mail.

Sure, we use it for communication with clients or anyone outside of the team. As the name suggests, e-mail is intended for electronic correspondency, so it remains useful for this purpose.

For internal communication, however, organizations have more effective solutions. Sooner or later, they will all discover it!

Watch the episode where Michael outlines our communication system without the use of e-mail:

What does your team use to share information? Let us know in a comment!

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