As you probably know we have some very active members on the Nozbe team. Some of us just run for fun or play football, while some train for triathlons… they’re very ambitious. That’s why we want to share our athletic knowledge with you.

Today we’re starting with training plans for a 10k run. These aren’t random numbers and distances to train with. These plans were prepared based on the experience of a runner with a 10k PR (personal record) below 29 minutes and his marathon PR is below 2 hours and 12 minutes. Those numbers count. He also has plenty of coaching experience.

All plans cover 12 weeks of training

There is a 5k test race two weeks before the final 10k race. If you manage to hit the finish line within the desired time, you’re ready to go. We hope that you can find a 5k race to train for in your area. Maybe there’s a Parkrun in your town? It’s a race that happens every week.

When you open a training plan for the first time you might be a little bit confused by all the numbers, so read the instructions first to make sure you know what’s going on. Each task is labelled using the following system:

  • Week number: counting down from 12 to 1. You start at week 12, and week 1 is your starting/race week

  • Training number: counting from 1 to 3-6 (depending on how many workouts you have in a single week)

  • Description of training: sometimes you can find additional instructions in task comments

Nozbe team train together during Nozbe Reunion

To get started, open the first run labelled W12 T1, then do W12 T2 and so on. If you don’t feel confident about achieving your running goal, you can start the training plan 14-15 weeks before a 10k competition. Go through the training plan to W3 (week 3) and after the first attempt at 5k, repeat the previous training week (W4 - week 4) one or two more times. Then your training plan will look like this: W12-W11-…-W5-W4-W3-W4-W4-W3-W2-W1. If you need more help customizing the plan, feel free to ask questions in the comments!

There is one trap in beginning a plan like this. Besides the race itself, the final weeks of your training plan are the hardest. Remember to sleep well, stretch (or roll) after training, eat healthy and recover. Don’t even look at that delicious fudge. ;)

Nozbe fudges

Let’s jump to the training plans. Choose the plan that meets your goal:

If you prefer a paper version of the plan you can always print the project in Nozbe.

Training plan printout

Final notes

These plans are only a part of achieving your goal. Especially for those who want to break 50, 45 minutes or even lower. “It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.” We believe that doing small things every day is better than doing big things from time to time. So stay consistent, train according to the plan and achieve your goal after 12 weeks!

We’re curious which plan fits your needs? Are you a beginner or an experienced runner? Post in the comments which plan you choose!


Free professional training plans for 10k distance ;