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Which app - Nozbe Teams or Nozbe Personal - is for you?

You want to take care of your productivity or boost your business efficiency? You need a good to-do software. Find out which of our two apps will better suit your needs.

The Fall updates to Nozbe Teams - a to-do app for small businesses

Since the Nozbe Teams launch in March 2020, we’ve already shipped 33 updates. We keep adding new features, improvements, and fixes almost every week. Let’s take a look at the essential Nozbe Teams features we released in recent weeks.

Nozbe Teams product video - our app animated presentation

Here is a video showing what is Nozbe Teams all about. Take a look and see how it can help your team work and communicate efficiently

How to Start Using Nozbe Teams - a Video Walkthrough

Here is Michael, the Nozbe Founder and CEO, presenting the key Nozbe Teams features, the app’s interface and the best ways to use our team-work-boosintg software.

Video tutorial - improve your team collaboration with Nozbe Teams

If you want to see how our team collaboration app works and how you can use it to boost communication in your team, watch this video.

Summer updates to Nozbe Teams, our app for small businesses

It’s been 4 months since we released Nozbe Teams, our collaboration app for small businesses. It was at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we offered the app absolutely free of charge to help companies around the world switch to the new work-from-home mode. In May, we introduced Premium accounts and received great feedback from our first customers. We’ve recently developed a process that allows us to deliver new features and improvements every 1-2 weeks – see here the new features that are being introduced in Nozbe Teams.

Our new product video and the Product Hunt page

When we released Nozbe Teams, we knew we had to do as much as possible to introduce our new app and show how it can help small teams do great things.

We decided to hire a video professional to help us in this endeavor, and the product video was his first assignment. The final effect exceeded our expectations, and I’m proud to announce that the new Nozbe Teams clip is ready to watch! 🎉

Michael’s AMA session recording - Nozbe as a 2-product company

Michael loves sharing his thoughts and observations. In the video below, he answers some questions about Nozbe Personal and Nozbe Teams, working remotely, and doing business after turning 40.

How to get started with Nozbe Teams - 10 basic steps

Your team needs a safe place to work and exchange feedback, a space for natural organization to help keep everything in order. You want to communicate effectively, move your projects forward, and be sure that nothing gets lost, right?

We wanted that too, and that’s how Nozbe Teams came to fruition. Give Nozbe Teams a try and create your team productivity system all in one space. Read on to learn how to get started.