Ask Michael s04e20

Is Pomodoro effective? What are the alternatives? That’s all in today’s episode of “Ask Michael”!

It’s hard to keep a stable pace of work for the whole day. That’s why it’s so crucial to carefully manage your energy and find the best rhythm for you.

The Pomodoro Technique is one of the most popular systems for scheduling your work day. It is comprised of 25 minutes of work (“pomodoro”) and then 5 minutes of break. After every 4 pomodoros, you get a longer break – it’s that simple (but I strongly encourage you to check out our template for more detailed instructions).

Recently, Michael outlined his “2-hour rule” as a companion to David Allen’s 2-minute rule.

The possibilities are endless! Watch the episode to see Michael’s point of view:

How do you organize your day? Let us know in a comment!

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