“I ultimately knew I wanted to have conversations with people” - Erik Fisher

After talking to Erik Fisher on his Beyond the To-Do List podcast, Michael (our CEO) thought it would be great to present the BTTDL host to the whole Nozbe community.

Here is the outcome: a great interview on productivity essentials and Erik’s methods for planning and staying on top of things.

Spare less than 15 minutes of your time and learn:

  • How Erik started his productivity podcast
  • How curiosity of “how people do the awesome work that they do” became the key
  • What are Erik’s conclusions after having listened to hundreds of stories told by his podcast guests. What the essentials of productivity seem to be?
  • Why practicing to say “no” (and then being able to back it up) is so important
  • Zooming your vision in and out - what does going beyond the to-do list really mean (you might want to check out a template Erik’s prepared for you)
  • Unplugging and stepping away from technology
  • How Erik plans and prepares his podcast to be able to go on the autopilot mode so often
  • What are top productivity tools Erik uses to stay on track check out a template Erik’s created

Watch now!


The “Beyond The To-do List” episodes mentioned throughout Michael’s and Erik’s conversation:

Erik’s templates: