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👉 Something that we worked on for a long time

👉 Something that makes Nozbe even more outstanding collaboration platform

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How to get intercompany projects done

Our team project management app - Nozbe - can be used not only by one team or company to help its members communicate effectively.

Thanks to the new “Joint projects” feature it can be also applied by 2 teams/companies/departments with separate Nozbe accounts.


XYZ company starts working with marketing agency on a social media campaign. They can communicate, attach files, exchange comments and opinions in Nozbe but they don’t need to create a shared account. They can share a project!

ABC production company outsources customer service - the two companies can use joint projects to manage their cooperation. They don’t need to share the same Nozbe account. They can have their own accounts (even the free ones) and only share specific projects. Their Joint Projects.

Watch Joint projects and Nozbe in action

Watch the Nozbe CEO and Product Manager working in Nozbe as if they were two different companies. See how to create a Joint Project and how to use this new feature to collaborate effectively. They also explain other Nozbe features and answer user questions.