The iPadOnly Home Office of Augusto Pinaud

In this 24th ep. of the No Office podcast we talk to Augusto Pinaud whose home office set up and productivity tips will make you go woow 😲

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Key things you will learn from this episode:

  • How many computers does Augusto actually work on 😱
  • How important it is to enter a certain mind mode when working on various tasks
  • Why you should show your productivity system to someone else
  • Organizational productivity is not about who can or can’t do something - it is about: how we can do this best together.


Augusto reveals what are the 4 aspects that make Nozbe Teams working incredibly well in his opinion:

  1. You have now a common purpose
  2. You all take part in a coordinated effort
  3. There is space for group trust (the more trust you have the least need for control there is)
  4. …and for strategic focus.

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Show notes

One of the Nozbe team "dinosaurs" - #NoOffice practitioner since 2013. Extravert, neurotic & vegetarian feminist with 189 imperfections.