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Simplicity in project management and communication lets you increase your productivity and save time for what really matters to your business. We designed the sidebar of Nozbe - our task and project management tool - so that it makes navigation in the app easier and more intuitive.

Making your work management as seamless as it’s possible

Nozbe sidebar is your main navigation tool in the app - it lets you track progress, see whether someone needs your input and move between projects and vews. sidebar elements counting from the top:

  • Search / Jump to
  • Settings
  • Nozbe quadrants: Prioritiy, Incoming, Activity, Single Tassk
  • Calendar
  • Favorites
  • Followed
  • Recent
  • More (Tags, Teammates, Project Groups, Templates)

Nozbe Productivity App Sidebar & Navigation

Watch our product vlog where Michael (Nozbe CEO) and Rafal (Nozbe Product Manager) talk about navigating in the app and the advantages of the way the sidebar is desgined.

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I hope from now on, you won’t have any issues with using Nozbe and seamlessly navigating in our project management system :) If you find it complicated or have doubts, please, email our Customer Support at, and they will be happy to help and clarify things for you.

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