Nozbe is the new version of Nozbe

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Nozbe, our newest product: Nozbe becomes our top tool. Nozbe evolved into a great product which is as good as Nozbe Personal in some respects and much better in others.

Today I’m proud to announce that Nozbe is the future of team work.

It’s the new Nozbe for everyone. For you, your family and your team!

Just like Nozbe Personal, it’s based on the same principles:

✔ working in a simple structure of projects, tasks and comments ✔️ getting things done rather than managing projects endlessly ✔️ and communicating through tasks to yourself or to your team

The story behind Nozbe

Nozbe Personal was launched 15 years ago and it’s still trusted by tens of thousands of people and teams. However Nozbe has been launched less than 2 years ago, based on a completely different technology and much improved productivity principles.

It’s a culmination of everything we’ve learned delivering you a world-leading productivity tool all these years. Nozbe becomes the new Nozbe because it will let us create the best productivity app for many years to come!

You might ask then:

Why not just upgrade everyone to the new Nozbe straight away?

Well, people who use Nozbe Personal, use it as their trusted system to get their things done every single day. While the basic assumptions of “projects, tasks and comments” stay the same with both apps, the interface and the way some of the features are implemented is different enough that we didn’t want to force on them the change, because we want people to get accustomed with the new Nozbe’s interface first.

Nozbe Personal users can decide for themselves if they want to just keep using the good old Nozbe they know and love or if they want to move to the new one. And there’s no rush, you can decide when to make the move. Tomorrow, next month or next year? And we are here to make the switch the smoothest possible!

Let’s start with similarities!

Nozbe Personal and the new Nozbe are both about simple productivity and communication. It is possible to recreate the majority of Nozbe Personal workflows in the new Nozbe. Getting the hang of the new app won’t take long for anyone!

  • The navigation is similar: there are project lists, task lists and task parameters.
  • Comments in tasks can have text, links, attachments and checklists.
  • You can send tasks vie email to Nozbe. -You can work offline and your data will be synchronized on all the devices once you go online again.

The new Nozbe has some great features that Nozbe Personal users wanted for years

  • Multiple teams - you can have your business projects and private tasks truly separate from one another - think of it as multiple workspaces within the same Nozbe app!
  • Project sections keep the projects list flat and easily accessible yet put more order in the task list. This can be even used as a vertical Kanban board.
  • Project grouping lets you order the projects the way you want or communicate to the team which projects belong where
  • Tags (known as categories in Nozbe Personal) can now be private just for a you or shared across the entire team
  • You can also create a task for anyone on your team and you don’t need a special project for them
  • Priority setting is no longer automatic - you decide what’s priority for you. In new Nozbe you get notified of due dates, tasks delegated to you or mentions in a separate Incoming view which helps you manage your focus much better.

The new Nozbe adds even more innovations that would not be possible in Nozbe Personal

  • Four quadrants of productivity - this is the major change in the interface, which you will find extremely helpful. Four new views that get everything organized: Priority tasks, Incoming information, Activity in projects and your Single Tasks.
  • Project sharing has been simplified - no need to invite people to each new project as projects can be accessible to anyone on the team by default
  • Following of projects and tasks helps you individually decide on the signal vs noise ratio in your Nozbe app
  • Customizable reminders help you remember about a task in the future without setting a firm due date on a task. This way you can easily mark tasks to follow up on.
  • And much more subtle details and improvements!

New Nozbe Free is even better!

The new Nozbe, just like Nozbe Personal, has a free version but it’s even better with up to 3 active projects and 3 people on the team. This means that you can start alone or with a few people completely free. Create a team for your family or your business partners and just try it out!

Nozbe Premium plans with unlimited projects and additional premium features are designed for all types of users: large and small teams as well as teams of 2 or individual users!

What’s the plan for Nozbe Personal users going forward?

For the last 15 years you’ve trusted Nozbe Personal to be your productivity system and we take this responsibility very seriously, so you’ve got nothing to worry about:

Option 1 - you can stay with Nozbe Personal as long as they want and keep using it. Due to technical reasons, we won’t be adding new features to Nozbe Personal but we will keep it going so it can still remain your trusted productivity system.

Option 2 - at some point, you can decide to move to the new version of Nozbe. We are providing Nozbe Personal users with an easy step-by-step wizard that migrates current active projects and tasks to the new Nozbe while keeping the history of their past performance in Nozbe Personal.

Note that there’s no two-way sync between Nozbe Personal and the new Nozbe - the changes you make to your migrated projects in the new Nozbe won’t be visible in Nozbe Personal. That’s why we encourage Nozbe Personal users to take their time to migrate, check if the new Nozbe has all the features they need for work and only then decide to move. We are here to assist all customers who want to go ahead with their migration.

We want Nozbe to remain your trusted system for many more years to come!

Thanks for being with us these past 15 years. It means so much to us that you chose Nozbe as your trusted productivity system.

After all, it’s really not about Nozbe here - it’s about you, your productivity, your projects and your tasks. Your hopes and dreams. Nozbe is just a tool that helps you get everything done every single day.

Now as we celebrate 15 years serving you, we’re happy to be able to keep Nozbe Personal running and at the same time innovate and improve your and your team’s productivity even more with the new Nozbe.

And personally, as the founder of Nozbe, I can tell you that after all these years of running it I still feel like we’re just getting started!

Here’s to 15 more years and beyond!

Frequently asked questions about the transition from Nozbe Personal to the new Nozbe:

Question: I have my Nozbe Personal subscription valid until the end of 2022! If I move to Nozbe, how will you calculate this?

Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a simple and fair solution - your subscription validity will NOT change! Your migrated Nozbe account will still be valid until the end of 2022! Moreover, you’ll be migrated to the same or higher plan on Nozbe. Here are some examples:

  • If you’re on a single-user plan on Nozbe Personal, you’ll be migrated to the Team of 1 plan on the new Nozbe
  • If you’re on a duo plan on Nozbe Personal, you’ll be migrated to the Team of 2 plan.
  • If you’re on a small business 4-person plan on Nozbe Personal, you’ll be migrated to the Team of 5 plan on Nozbe with the validity of the subscription the same as you had.
  • Analogically if you’re on a small business plan of 6 on Nozbe Personal, you’ll be migrated to the Team of 7 plan on Nozbe.
  • If you’re on a Nozbe Personal Business Plan yearly, you’ll even get extra months on top of your subscription to compensate for the price change as the new Nozbe is much more competitively priced!

Question: I see that the new version of Nozbe is still missing some features that as a Nozbe Personal user I rely on, what should I do?

Yes, some things are still not there, others are about to ship, here are some examples:

  • We about to ship new dedicated desktop apps for Mac and Windows. We are using them internally in our team and cannot wait to show them to you once they are ready.
  • Project templates are in the works currently, with much improved interface. In the meantime you can just clone projects in the new Nozbe.
  • We’ve also started design work on features like time needed, cloud storage integrations, and many others, so stay tuned!

If any of these features are things you rely on, hold off the migration and wait. Just keep using Nozbe Personal until you’re ready to migrate.

Question: Didn’t you promise new features for Nozbe Personal?

Yes we did, but in the end we realized we could add these features in a much more sustainable way directly to the new Nozbe. This is why we now have multiple teams/workspaces, private tags, project sections and much more.

Over the last two years we tried different approaches but at the end of the day we believe we’ve come up with the best solution for all - new users just sign up directly for the new Nozbe and our current Nozbe Personal users can keep using the product they know and they can follow the updates of the new Nozbe and decide when or if to migrate.

This way, when some new features that you really care about make it to the new version of Nozbe, you can decide to migrate and take advantage of them!

What if I don’t have a team? Is Nozbe still for me?

Yes, it is!

We live in a connected world. You can start off using the new Nozbe at the plan of Team of 1 and later add people as your business venture grows. Or you can just use Nozbe alone and use “joint projects” feature to work on projects jointly with other teams or individuals. The new Nozbe is a product for the connected world of the 21st century and there are many ways to get your work organized.

Additionally you can set up a separate team for your family and share projects and tasks with them to manage your household.

Also you can set up a team for your school comitee, local community or sports group. This way you can get things organized quickly without using emails or chat messages.

Nozbe gets you organized no matter what you do!

Nozbe founder and CEO. Productivity and remote team management expert with years of experience. He records a podcast ([No Office](, writes on this blog, and publishes books to help modern knowledge workers get more done and have a more organized (and passionate) life.