Nozbe is used by a lot of people. They come from all professions, from teachers, house-wifes through lawyers and entrepreneurs. Last week we presented some solutions that might work really well for doctors. This article is intended for the real estate agents.

The background

I hope to, not pose, but provide you with ideas of how you can use Nozbe to serve you well in such extensive and demanding environment. Before Micheal invited me to work with him on Nozbe, I also worked in this field.

I know it requires high level of organization and, though rewarding, can be extremely stressful and even repetitive.

Basic areas of concern

Real estate activities can be roughly divided into two areas: purchase and sale. Both of which are done by you, the agent, on request (at times behalf) of a client. Difference between one and the other, apart from obvious question of where the funds come from, are little.

Thus I would suggest extensive use of labels and templates. Whether you are selling house of Mr.G or looking to purchase a warehouse for Mrs.B. you still need to check the documentation of the properties, you still need your client to provide you with detailed information on what they are selling or looking for.

Possible application

You could ask now “so what do you suggest I do?” Well, here it comes.

I would start with deciding on either calling my project by name of a client (but that is only beneficial if you will be working on it alone) or using labels. If for any reason you wish the client to have access to the project, or have some other parties involved…. I would then go for labeling instead.

So, I would get projects A, B, C with label Mr. Smith (if that is my client). In project A I would create a list of things that I need the client to supply me with and share it with him. For instance:

  1. Requirements as to the property (in case of purchase) or copies of documents such as expert from land and mortgage register (in case of sale).
  2. Documentation on mortgage and description of current state along with photos (or description of expected state) and so on.

Project B on the other hand would be my private e.g. for collecting offers regarding given client, later to be passed to project A for instance.

Project C - great place to co-work with someone who does not need to be involved directly with Mr. Smith, but whose involvement I need to get all the documents verified.

Each of those projects can also be saved as a template for later use with another client. Also extensive application of check-lists might be of aid, if you would rather have fewer projects.


This is just a proposal. Something to give you a hint and to get your mind working on. There are many possibilities, perhaps one of you will be kind to share his interpretation for benefit of others.

Please do not shy away from posting your ideas under this post. What works for me… does not have to mean automatic success for you.

Written by Delfina (Nozbe Support - CHO - Chief Happiness Officer)