The Referral Program in Nozbe: we give every new user $15 bonus

When we celebrated 15 years of Nozbe we ran a special promo - that just for signing up for a new Nozbe account or migrating your Nozbe Personal account to the new Nozbe, you’d get an extra credit of $15 which you could then spend on extending or upgrading your Nozbe subscription. It was a pretty great deal. In fact, it was so good, that we decided to make it permanent for everyone who is recommending Nozbe to a friend. Here’s how it goes:

As we explained in the previous post about our affiliate program, when you go to Settings > Referral Program - you can get your unique recommendation link.

Initially, when we designed this, we focused on you getting a 25% recurring commission from each sale the recommendation makes.

However, we wanted people to get a better deal from you than from just going to our main site. This way people will want to sign up for Nozbe from you.

Your recommendation gives $15 in credits for just signing up.

They don’t have to pay anything or leave their credit card number. Just for setting up a new Nozbe account they get $15 from us thanks to you!

Only you can give free $15 credits!

The deal is simple:

Step 1. You recommend Nozbe using your unique link
Step 2. People sign up for free and get $15 in free credits
Step 3. When they need more projects, they use the credits to upgrade to Premium for free thanks to you!

This deal is only available to Nozbe users. We don’t offer it on our main web site. Only you can offer it to others.

Basically, by recommending Nozbe you’re giving people free money if they go through you.

Note: People who sign up through your recommendation will either get $15 or 15 EUR or 15 GBP or 60 PLN, depending on the currency (and location) they’ll be assigned to later pay for Premium.

Additional Bonus for you - when people around you use Nozbe, you can get stuff done together with them using… Nozbe!

Thanks to the power of Joint Projects you can use tasks instead of email when working with others.

That’s right, Nozbe is the only to-do app out there that makes it so easy to work with everyone around you using tasks. By recommending Nozbe you’ll make it even easier for yourself to coordinate tasks and projects with others.

Thank you for recommending Nozbe!

Our company is bootstrapped and customer-funded. Over the last 15 years we’ve been approached by many investors but we always rejected their offers to invest in us because we believe in staying independent. By spreading the word about Nozbe you help us finance our operations and make sure we can keep iterating on the app and making it the best task-communication app on the planet. Thank you for your support!

Learn more about our referral program at:

You will also find more details about setting up your referral link and testimonial on Nozbe Help pages.

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Let’s spread the word together! Just post your referral link using #NozbeLove hashtag and we’ll re-post or re-tweet it using our official @nozbe account. Thanks for spreading the love for productivity!

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