Remote Teamwork - The Ultimate Guide - Free Online Course - How to collaborate remotely with my team

Attention - Achtung - Atención ‼ Registration for our free online course opens today! If your team works remotely or just some of your colleagues work from home, and you’ve been facing organization or communication problems - then this course is for you.

Is this course for me?

  • Your team works remotely or in a hybrid mode?
  • You’d like to reduce communication issues and get projects done on time with your team?
  • You want to help your team better organize and increase productivity?

Then YES, our free online course is for you!

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What will I achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

  • ⭐️Help your team set up the communication system that works
  • ⭐️Improve your team’s productivity by finding more time for focused work
  • ⭐️Minimize the number of toxic meetings in your company
  • ⭐️Learn how to communicate effectively through tasks and feedback
  • ⭐️See why it’s better to write than chat
  • ⭐️Reduce the stress level in your team

More information

The course is conducted by Michael Sliwinski, the CEO of Nozbe and the remote work great fan and expert.

Registered users will get access to 3 videos, practical demos and additional materials that will help them to set up their own team collaboration system that actually works!

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If you want to make sure remote work in your company will never pose any problems again, sign up for our free course, watch the videos and help your team thrive.

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