It’s been two months since we all met in person in Torun at our company gathering. We celebrated, worked, learned and chilled out. Now you can see what our reunions are like and find out how many different things we did.

On the first day Michael, our CEO, welcomed us, summarized the last six months of our work and progress and then… we could finally celebrate Nozbe’s 10th anniversary “live” - we had delicious cake and champagne.

Over the next few days we had many presentations prepared by members of various Nozbe departments - this way we could see how others work and what issues and successes they have. After most of the presentations we discussed the things that stood out to us and decided what to do about them next. You can imagine that these were really fierce debates when Nozbe’s future was involved :-)

Whenever the Polish weather was kind to us we went out to walk and see the beautiful city of Torun or play football.

In the evenings we ate out together in various restaurants.

Some other nice things we did were: a visit to Torun’s traditional gingerbread museum where we made our own cakes, a visit to the old castle ruins, a workshop on our strengths and talents and go-kart racing :-)