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A Glance at the Nozbe Work Culture: Yes, We Are Unicorns


If you think that an ideal work environment doesn’t exist, then you probably don’t know what it’s like to work for Nozbe. The values that we follow in our company’s day-to-day operations also significantly influence the way our apps function. Read on to learn how to develop a great work culture in your company!

How To Be Productive On Fridays - Mighty Fridays In Nozbe


Research as well as conversations with friends and self-observations show that for most people Friday is the least productive working day. I guess it stems from the fatigue of the preceding 4 days and the anticipation of the weekend. And that’s why Fridays in Nozbe are special.

Mighty Fridays in Nozbe - The No Office Podcast, ep. 37


After a serious introduction involving the war, Ukraine being invaded by Russia and the disinformation we must fight, Michael and Rafal tell you everything about the 4-day workweek in the Nozbe company and our Mighty Fridays.

4 Day Workweek & Regular Weekly Review


Thanks God It’s Friday or a Mighty Friday is what helps us boost our team productivity (we mentioned it in our previous post). It’s tough to admit, but before we launched it, hardly any of us had been doing a regular review. Michael decided to change that, and now we can reveal our conclusions and tips for everyone who would like to follow this policy.

Design your Friday

The main lesson for Friday-lovers is to focus on your own schedule. Think of TGIF as a day designed by yourself, not imposed on you by your day-to-day duties, a task list or your boss. You are the only one who decides what to do after the review.

TGIF - Nozbe team’s attempt at working less, but better


We have a new policy at Nozbe. We treat Fridays differently. And we call it “Piąteczek” (in Polish), which you could translate to: TGIF as in “Thank God It’s Friday”. Here’s what it’s all about:

Note: This is a short version of the post I originally posted on Medium where I post about remote working as a part of NoOffice publication. I’d appreciate if you followed me there and recommended my posts, thanks!

Note 2: If you prefer a different “audio” version of this article, we discussed this new TGIF policy with my co-host Radek at the #60 episode of The Podcast. We came back to the topic in the #70 episode.

Introducing an experimental policy that will give us a more productive, yet shorter workweek with more time for a weekly review and for learning new things… or not.

We’re already quite an unorthodox company. We all work remotely from our homes and we don’t have a single physical office. We’ve been working like this for almost a decade and hundreds of thousands of users of our Nozbe app don’t seem to mind that at all.

But we’re not unorthodox just for the sake of it. We are like that because it works. Because we enjoy a better lifestyle thanks to our “No Office” arrangement.

After all, we’re a productivity company. When we experiment, we do it for a reason. To work better. To be better. To grow better. And this new policy is supposed to help us exactly at that.

And it all started with 3 questions that I couldn’t get off of my mind: