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Announcing Nozbe Stories - a next step in productivity innovation


Today is the last day of our semi-annual Nozbe Reunion - where our “No Office” team meets to hang out, socialize, discuss, brainstorm and work together in one physical space. This reunion was very fruitful as we’ve discovered a next step in productivity evolution: Nozbe Stories.

Nozbe is a very mature product that helps more than 400,000 people all around the world to get things done. More than 10 years in business, we want to keep the product simple, effective and dependable so instead of bloating it with all the features possible, we’re searching for the next step of innovation and productivity. What’s the one feature that would take our product to the next level? We believe we found it: it’s Nozbe Stories! Here’s why:

Nozbe team reunion - Torun 2017


In 4 days we will all be heading to Torun to meet “for real.” As we usually only see each other via Zoom or FaceTime, we’re all pretty excited :-) We will be away from March 27 to April 1.

Torun - One of Seven Wonders of Poland

This time we’re meeting in Torun - the hometown of Radek (Nozbe VP Apple and The Podcast co-host) and Nicolaus Copernicus. Torun is one of Poland’s main tourist attractions. It’s famous for Copernicus, having the best gingerbread, and a medieval district that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Greetings from Gdansk! - Nozbe Reunion Fall 2016

Nozbe Our next Nozbe Reunion is just about to start. We’re meeting in Gdansk, Poland – the city of freedom and Solidarity. We are going to discuss how Nozbe should look like in the near and further future and how we can improve your productivity even more in the years to come. Please keep following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Please note that our customer support might be a little slower this week as our support staff is with us discussing your feature requests and plans for the future, so please have a little more patience with us this week, thank you - it’s for your own good :-)

Nozbe Reunion: what we love about being together


We believe that working remotely is the best thing for ourselves, our jobs and our families. But, of course, every team needs to meet from time to time. So do we.

Last time we met, three months ago in Sopot, we did a lot to make this time as productive as possible. Company members did internal keynotes, Michael held one-to-one talks, and we all had a lot of fun working and playing!

Watch and feel the spirit

We would like to share a video from Sopot, where we talk about NoOffice worker privileges and what we love about being together.

When Nozbe team meets up… #NozbeReunion - Nozbe Productivity Digest 2/2016


Note from Michael, Nozbe CEO: As you may already know from our social media channels, today is the first day of our #NozbeReunion. It’s the moment when all of our Nozbe team, who usually work from their homes, meet in one hotel, for one week, and enjoys the moment of being together. We’re going to work, brainstorm ideas, socialize and have a lot of fun!