As we’re ramping up our Affiliate program and we want to give you an even better product, I’m conducting interviews with our top affiliates, users and fans. One of them is Jeff Sanders, host of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast - and with Jeff we talked about a few things:

  • how he discovered Nozbe
  • how he uses Nozbe for his content creation
  • how he tricks Siri into adding tasks to Nozbe via email
  • he asks me what’s in the future for Nozbe
  • what does “Nozbe” actually mean (hint - it’s not a Polish word)
  • how I use Pomodoro and Unschedule with Nozbe
  • and many more behind-the-scenes details about Nozbe

It’s a longer chat (~ 20 minutes) but I’m sure you’ll find it useful. You might want to bookmark this for later and watch it on a bigger screen. Enjoy!

Note: Sorry for speaking so fast, I didn’t expect Jeff recording this :-) (but I thank him for it anyway!) Some sounds in the background (my daughter visited my home office…) and an echo from my Mac (but only a few seconds)

Make sure to check the web site and podcast of Jeff Sanders.

And if you’re a Nozbe power user or you’re implementing Nozbe in your team or company, make sure to contact us and you might be chosen for my next interview. Thanks!

- Michael (CEO and Founder of Nozbe)