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In Conversation With Sarah Harkleroad: How Nozbe Boosts Productivity in a Graphic Design Team


I love talking to Nozbe customers. Thanks to the fact that Nozbe is so versatile and can be used by anyone, I get to talk to people from many different industries like Real Estate brokers, Lawyers, Startup founders, Marketing Agencies and more.

Your Employees Want Simplicity - Blaze Goraj on Nozbe


Your team wants a simple project management tool to know what to do and that’s it. Give it to them and let them work instead of wasting time on management. See what Blaze Goraj, an experienced project consultant, says about Nozbe.

Customer Success Story: Why I Can’t Quit Nozbe


There are many good task and project management apps out there. See, why so many users all over the world choose Nozbe to manage their private and professional life, and what makes them stick to our productivity app.

Cheerful complaints by our fantastic customers :-)

When I can’t decide which model/type of a product to buy in a store, I often list the specifications I want to a salesman and ask: “Which product matching these specs would you buy for yourself?” When an electrician comes to fix something at my place, I ask him (or just pray silently if the guy doesn’t look too friendly) that he does the job as if he was fixing the cables in his own child’s room.