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Interview with Laura McClellan

Laura McClellan — the host of The Productive Woman podcast — has been married over 37 years to the same man. She’s mom to five, grandmother to seven and an attorney in a large Dallas law firm. After hours she hosts The Productive Woman, a weekly podcast about productivity for busy women. During her “spare time” Laura is polishing her first novel, a winner in several fiction contests.

In the Productive! Magazine interview she talks about the secret behind long-lasting relationships, differences in women’s and men’s approach to productivity and her top productivity tactics.

“And there’s nothing that will add more to your peace of mind — and therefore your ability to be creative and a problem-solver and productive — to make a life worth living. Nothing will help more than developing that habit of writing everything down."

Super helpful articles for those who wish to improve

In the Editor’s note you will learn why it is important to have a morning routine and what routine Michael Sliwinski follows every morning.

“Each of us only has a certain amount of willpower everyday. The “battery is fully charged” in the morning and it slowly gets drained away by decisions we make. The battery can fade very quickly with all the small decisions that mean nothing and that you must make in the morning if you don’t have a good routine."

Anna Morish explains how to boost your productivity by harnessing the power of cloud technology!

“Ensure the applications needed to conduct your work have been installed on your mobile, tablet, and PC, so you can work from the most convenient device when you need to."

UJ Ramdas — the Co-Creator of the critically acclaimed Five Minute Journal and Co-Founder at [Intelligent Change][in] presents his simple, 4-step process to becoming more productive with a little bit of planning beforehand.

“To determine my most important task, I ask myself, if I only focused on ONE area/goal/task, which would be the big win for the year?"

LJ Earnest — a productivity geek blogging at — explains what is the real question you should be asking for top productivity. “What?”, “How?” and “Where?” alone won’t make your productivity system work…

“Knowing why you are trying to do something can help filter the tasks in front of you. When you have a sense of purpose, you can tell if you are going down the wrong track."

Robby Miles, the author of a great productivity blog and resources shows how to be a more effective & productive leader with one simple rule.

“Leadership tools and planning methods are wide-ranging, but one rule has the power to exponentially increase your team’s productivity and efficiency while giving team members greater ownership in the process."

Laura Stack provides practical guidelines on how to think more effectively and train your focus to laser sharpness.

“Internal Distractions may do more harm than external ones. The siren-song of the Internet, the desire to stay current with your social media, answering the phone every time it rings, and popping open your email whenever it pings are among the most obvious productivity killers."

In his article, S.J. Scott of Develop Good Habits spells out 7 common to-do list mistakes and reveals how to fix them.

“Many people write down tasks without a clearly defined beginning or end point. You might think this acts as a helpful reminder to take action, but it usually causes stress because you don’t know how to get started."

Finally, you will find a quick rehash of FRESH system handled in Nozbe prepared by Jamie Rufe.

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