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Nozbe 2.0 new Evernote integration - what is different and why?

Nozbe With Nozbe 2.0 we redesigned integration with Evernote, Dropbox and Box. Today I wanted to concentrate on the first one as it is the most popular 3rd party service used by our fantastic customers. Limitations of the old integration that we wanted to get rid off Integration with Evernote in Nozbe 1.9.3 was quite good and we were very pleased with it. It had some limitations though and we thought it was high time to finally overleap them with Nozbe 2.

Nozbe 2.0 tutorial - invest 15 minutes and learn to be productive with new Nozbe

One of the few things that we wanted to do before the public release of OneNozbe for all the platforms was this tutorial. We are aware that for some of you moving from Nozbe 1.9.3 to 2.0 might be a big (but fantastic! :)) step. With all the new functions and interface it can be hard to work as smoothly and “automatically” as before. That’s why it is here - watch the tutorial and be on the ball!

Nozbe 2.0 Beta 8 and version 2.0.5 with more iOS 8 specific improvements and new gestures for iPad!

Nozbe As we still struggle with some last issues on Windows and Android platforms, we want to show you our probably last Beta 8 of Nozbe 2.0 for Android, Windows and Linux. We have also updated our apps for iOS and OS X - you will receive it via autoupdate today! What’s new in Beta 8 There is no killer feature in Beta 8 of Nozbe 2.0. However, it consists a lot of important bug-fixes and some visual improvements.

Nozbe 2.0 on iOS8 with amazing features (bonus: release candidates on the Mac, Windows, Linux and Android)

Nozbe Yes! Yes! Yes! Nozbe 2.0 is already availalbe on the Apple AppStore with some amazing features - just have a look: The above video also shows some of the most exciting Nozbe 2.0 features on all the platforms: similar navigation on mobile phones and tablets great enhancements to comments and tasks multi-edit mode and powerful gestures Even if you’re not on the iOS platform, make sure to watch this video.

Nozbe 2.0 Beta 6 with a new “swipe” gestures and iOS8 specific features - shipped to the AppStore!

Nozbe As Nozbe 2.0 release is just around the corner, today, we proudly announce the last - 6th - beta version. It comes with some new great features and bugfixes of course. What’s new in Beta 6 New gesture - swipe left the task in order to edit the “Time needed” parameter or… whatever else you find the most useful. In the settings section you can choose which task’s parameter the “swipe left” gesture will edit Box integration - simply add links to your BOX files (just like you’ve been doing it with your Dropbox files so far) iOS8 specific features Today widget - lets you see the Today view of Notification Center with Nozbe tasks included Share extension - enables you to create a Nozbe task from any iOS app!

Nozbe 2.0 works are in full swing, almost there!

Nozbe We haven’t slowed down after getting Nozbe beta 5 with new Evernote and Dropbox integration to you. And it is not only the Tech Department where tons of work are being done. Nozbe team is preparing a brand new website and a new magazine devoted exclusively to Nozbe-related issues. Michael, the CEO, is modifying a bit the company’s business model. Members of the support and translations team have their hands full as well.

Nozbe 2.0 BETA 3 - it is time to also go mobile

Nozbe Nozbe 2.0 Beta has been available for 3 weeks. We received great feedback from you, our fantastic users and today we’re shipping Beta 3 not only for the Mac, Windows and Linux… but also for iPhone, iPad and Android! Thanks everyone for signing up for our mobile beta! Wow! We were totally blown away! Close to 1000 of our most passionate Nozbe users signed up for our Nozbe iOS/Android beta. We were totally overwhelmed by the response.

Priority tasks instead of Next Actions… and more changes in Nozbe 2.0 beta - why? how?… and why now?

Over 2000 most active Nozbe users have downloaded Nozbe 2.0 beta (for Mac, Windows and Linux) to date. Thank you! If you got it, you might have noticed not only significant UI improvements but also some other, more subtle, but also very important changes in the way we’re naming things in Nozbe. Inspired by an amazing book and methodology… Back in 2007, when I first launched Nozbe, it was a web app inspired heavily by David Allen’s GTD® (Getting Things Done®) methodology.