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Ask Michael S02E02: Templates with relative “start dates”

Nozbe Do you already use project templates for repeating actions? Even if your answer is “yes,” you might have overlooked this cool feature. You’ll be surprised how it can simplify your work! After the last “Ask Michael” episode about Evernote, Michael presents an example for how to use relative dates as “start dates” for tasks in project templates. It’s a really nifty feature when you are planning or creating a recurring process for you or your team.

Ask Michael S02E01: Using Evernote in a productivity system

Nozbe After a short break, Michael is pleased to introduce the second season of his YouTube Show! Today he talks about how to use Evernote on a daily basis. We were so happy to have you here for the first season of “Ask Michael”. We hope it was a great productivity booster for you! As Michael got astonishing feedback, he’s very eager to go on answering your questions about productivity and life hacks.

Keep tasks in Nozbe and notes in Evernote (with Evernote Reminders sync)


I met Phil Libin (Evernote’s then-CEO) and Andrew Sinkov (Evernote’s VP Marketing) back in 2009 on the GTD Summit Conference in San Francisco and we quickly realized our products were a great match for a partnership. I really liked the idea of storing my notes in Evernote and tasks in Nozbe, so finding a way for both apps to work together made so much sense… and a boost for my productivity! This is how Evernote + Nozbe integration was born in 2010. But a lot has happened since then. Last year we launched Nozbe 2.0 with revisited integration and Evernote reminders sync and it was praised by our users. Now with the latest Nozbe we tweaked it even more and created a separate video to show this to you:

Here’s our newest short video showing Nozbe and Evernote in action:

In short, here’s what you can do if you want to attach a note to Evernote:

Nozbe 2.0 new Evernote integration - what is different and why?

Nozbe With Nozbe 2.0 we redesigned integration with Evernote, Dropbox and Box. Today I wanted to concentrate on the first one as it is the most popular 3rd party service used by our fantastic customers. Limitations of the old integration that we wanted to get rid off Integration with Evernote in Nozbe 1.9.3 was quite good and we were very pleased with it. It had some limitations though and we thought it was high time to finally overleap them with Nozbe 2.